Enhance Your Backyard Garden Using Cedar Fencing

When designing an inviting and enchanting landscape, making the right choices about decorative additions is important. The decorative effect you are trying to achieve depends a lot on the landscape accessories you choose. Follow these tips for creating a backyard garden you can enjoy the most.

Cedar Fencing Can Add Beautiful Privacy

When you live close by to your neighbors, enjoying your backyard garden can be more challenging due to your lack of privacy. Maybe you have forgone putting up a privacy fence because you do not want to interrupt your garden's decorative design. However, by adding a cedar fence with hanging-baskets of flowers on it, you can add to your garden instead of taking away from it. You can build a cedar fence and add permanent plant hangers made out of the same cedar used for the fence. Hanging-baskets of bright red geraniums looks gorgeous against a cedar fence backdrop. You might also consider a built-in trellis for roses as well.

The Natural Attraction Of Cedar

No backyard garden is complete without matching, comfortable lawn furnishings. Enhance the natural appeal of your garden using furniture made from cedar. You can choose from benches, chairs and tables, each one adding to your natural landscape while tying together the color in your cedar privacy fence. Remember when putting a landscape design together, you want a balance of color for the best results. This is especially true if your cedar privacy fence completely surrounds your garden. For example, if you do hang red geraniums on your privacy fence, tying in the color red can greatly enhance your decorative appeal. Lawn chairs and benches made out of cedar look great with red, gingham cushions that match the red geraniums hanging on the fence.

Lighting Matters A Lot In Your Backyard Garden

Entertaining your guests during summer evenings is a great way to enjoy your backyard garden. However, some dinner parties and grilling events last into the night. For this reason, you might think about how lighting can be used decoratively. You can purchase  lights that will provide an ambient light while looking great on your cedar fence as well. String lighting can add an enchanting low ambiance, while hanging lanterns add a brighter aura of light.The same rule of maintaining balance applies to lighting. If you place lights on your fence, remember to add lights across from them on the other side of your garden. Balanced lighting adds a lot more ambiance and inviting attraction.

The time you spend planning your backyard garden is well worth it when you can sit back and enjoy it  for years to come. One of the best way to ease the stress of a long hard day is to know you have a backyard garden to escape to when you get home.