Chain Link Construction Fencing Keeps Your Job Site Secure

If your company needs to rent construction fencing to protect a job site, then it is helpful to understand your options. For short-term use, chain link fence panels are usually the most cost-effective option. If your construction project will be long-lasting, then stretched chain link on cemented posts is a better choice.

Temporary Chain Link Panels

If your business needs to fence a job site for a short period of time, then galvanized steel chain link panel fencing works very well. A variety of different sized chain link panels are available to rent. The panels each sit on T-stands that can be weighted down with optional sand bags for stability and added security. The panels are easy to move around and are connected together with steel banding.

Semi-Permanent Chain Link Fence

If you need to fence your job site for more than a few months, then it makes sense financially to install a semi-permanent fencing option. Semi-permanent chain link fencing is comprised of rolled chain link mesh that is attached to posts cemented into the ground. If your site has unstable or sandy soil, then the posts can be held in place using anchor shoes.

Additional Security Chain Link Fence Options

For additional security, temporary chain link panel fences can be topped with three-strand barbed wire. 

If your company is concerned about vandals climbing your job site's semi-permanent fence when no one is onsite, then you can opt for fencing with one of two different options:

  1. no top rail to make climbing the fence more difficult
  2. the addition of a top rail that is topped by 3-strand barbed wire

If you would like to make your job site look more professional and seclude it from the sight of people who are walking or driving by, you can have windscreen material installed on the fencing. There are many manufacturers today that make customized windscreen that has appealing designs on it. You can purchase windscreen with your company's logo printed on it, and you can purchase windscreen that has scenes of nature on it as well.


Renting the right temporary fencing for your company's construction site will keep all of your expensive equipment and building supplies safe and secure when you cannot be there to watch over it. If you have additional questions about chain link construction site fencing, you should contact a local fencing contractor such as Phoenix Fence, Co.