Front Yard Fencing: Four Designs To Add Security And Privacy With An Attractive Fence

Fences can be a great way to add privacy and security to your home. Many homes just have the backyard fenced because of costs. Today, many fencing systems are affordable and attractive. These fencing systems can be used to enclose your entire property and give you the security you want. If you want privacy and security for your home with an attractive fence, here are some design ideas you may want to discuss with your fence contractor: 

1. Using A Low Stone Wall With Fencing

Stone walls can be a great way to create a decorative front entrance to your home. You can have the stone wall only built in front of your home to add privacy and use aluminum fence for the rest of your property. The aluminum fencing can also be used for the top half of the stone to create an attractive fence design.

2. Installing Wood Fencing Horizontally

Wood fencing can be another great fence to add to the front of your home. To make it look a little different, you can have the wood installed horizontally instead of traditional wood pickets. If you are looking for a way to add a fence on a budget, this can be a great solution that will cost less than masonry and metal, but will not look as good.

3. Vinyl Fencing Systems With Different Styles  

Vinyl fencing systems are another affordable option for the fence around your home. These fence systems can come in many different styles that look like conventional fencing. There are also panels made of vinyl, which can give your fence the look of masonry and other materials. This is an affordable option if real stonework does not fit in your budget.

4. Installing Metal Fencing And Gates

Metal fencing can be another great choice for a security fence around your home. If you do not want to have a fence that interrupts the view of the front of your home, metal is a great choice. You can use materials like iron or aluminum for your metal fence. The iron will cost more, but aluminum is an affordable alternative that can look just as great.

These are some design ideas that you may want to consider for your new fence. If you are ready to add security and privacy to your home, contact a fencing contractor (such as one from Fence-It) and talk with them about using some of these design ideas for your new fence.