How To Repair Cedar Wood Fences

Cedar is a beautiful wood that is ideal for fence construction. It has a rich texture and beautiful red tone that can add a lot of style to your property. Cedar is great for exterior fences, but it does need a little treatment if it is to last for a long time. This means you will need to seal it with an oil-based wood stain every few years. However, there are bound to be dings, scratches and dents in your cedar fence that you will want to repair as soon as they occur. This article will explain how to repair holes and blemishes on your cedar fence.

Tools you Need for Most Repairs

For most basic fence repairs you will need 160 grit sandpaper, exterior wood putty, a putty knife, wood primer and wood stain. It is best that you keep all of these things in stock so you can make immediate repairs. Make sure you have wood stain and primer that are designed for exterior use. These coating are specifically formulated to withstand moisture and protect against termites.

Fixing Small Holes

If you notice a hole in your fence, you should make sure there is no further rotting beneath the visible part. You need to prepare the hole and try to make it smooth. You do not want to leave any loose shards or splinters. The wood putty will stick better to a smooth surface. Using a simple sandpaper sponge will allow you to get into smaller holes. Do not oversand and make the hole too smooth. Try to match the smoothness and texture of the natural wood.

You can fill small holes by simply spreading the putty with your finger. For large holes you will need to use a putty knife to spread it evenly. Then, you should lightly resand the patched area when it dries.

Staining the Patch

Once the patch is dry and sanded you can restain the wood. You can actually apply stains by spreading them onto the wood with a wet rag. You will need to use a paint brush to apply actual paint. Apply the stain sparingly and apply a second coat instead of trying to apply one thick coat. The more coats you apply, the stronger and shinier the finish will be.

Cedar fences will look great for a long time if they are properly cared for. With a little TLC you can keep your fence in top shape for many years.

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