3 Simple Elements That Will Make Your Fence Better At Keeping People Off Your Commercial Property

Enclosing your commercial property with a fence is a great way to keep trespassers out, even when you're not present on the property. However, mischievous trespassers are adept at finding their way over, though or under fences that are not specially designed to keep away intruders. If you're having a new fence installed on your commercial property and don't want to spend thousands on costly alarms, cameras, and other security equipment, make sure your fence has these three simple elements that will make it more effective at keeping intruders out.

Sturdy, Non-Bendable or Breakable Material

A lot of fencing materials are not as solid or protective as they look. A solid wood fence, for example, can easily be sawed through by a determined intruder. A vinyl fence can be detached from its posts or in some cases, bent to allow access. Steel, however, is a great material that is non-bendable and virtually unbreakable. It would be virtually impossible for an intruder to bend or saw through. You also use fewer materials by choosing a steel fence over solid wood or vinyl, since steel fences don't need to be solid to offer great security.

Sharp Points on the Top of the Fence

Now, these points don't need to be sharp enough that they would impale someone's finger if touched. However, they should be pointy enough that an intruder would fear bodily injury if he or she were to climb over the fence. Make sure that each steel post terminates in a point on the top -- if they're too far apart, an intruder could just shimmy over the fence between the points. Placing signs on the fence that read "Danger, sharp points on top of fence. Do not climb." is wise. Not only will this further deter intruders from attempting to climb over the fence; it will also help admonish your liability should someone try to climb the fence and sustain an injury.

A Segment that Extends Below Ground

Most fences begin just above the ground's surface. This gives savvy intruders an opportunity to gain access to your property by digging a hole under the fence and shimmying underneath. To avoid such situations, choose a fence design that extends about 2 feet below the surface of the ground. This way, if an intruder starts digging, he or she will hit the fence and likely give up, since it will take a really long time to dig a hole that deep.

If your fence is made from a sturdy material like steel, has points at the top and extends below ground, you can count on it doing an excellent job of protecting your commercial property. For more information check out companies like Watt Fencing.