Why Composite Wood Is Great For Exterior Fences

Homeowners are understandably attracted to wooden fences. The iconic house with a white picket fence is highly sought after. Of course, most people think of real wood when they think of picket fences. However, if you want a white picket fence, you should consider investing in one that is made out of composite wood. This article will explain why composite wood fences are a better, more durable and more practical solution.

What is Composite Wood?

Composite wood is mainly made out of real wood shavings. The wood is ground up and then glued back together with dyed epoxies. When it dries, the composite weighs, feels and looks very much like real wood. This special formula that holds the wood together, also makes it more waterproof and durable than normal wood.

Why Composite is a Great Material

The constant exposure to sun, soil and moisture can have a damaging effect on any fence. Wood is particularly susceptible to these elements, so it needs a lot of special care and attention if it is used for a fence. It needs to be frequently repainted or stained to make it waterproof. This is, quite frankly, a potentially lengthy project that you may not want to repeat over the years.

Composite wood never needs to be repainted or stained. This is because the dyed epoxy is fade resistant. Also, since the entire piece is dyed the same color, you do not need to worry about the outer layer scratching, chipping or denting. Small blemishes will hardly be noticeable, since there will be no change in the color of the fence.

Composite wood is also ideal for fencing because it is so easy to maintain on a regular basis. You can easily polish it for a quick clean using just a wet rag. To remove tougher dirt stains, you can use most common household surface cleaners without damaging the wood.

Composite Wood is Stylish

The great thing about composite wood is that you're not just limited to a white picket fence. Composite woods are produced in a variety of different colors and styles. In fact, you can even find modern products that have fake textures. They have raised wood grains, so they feel like real wood. Best of all, your fence will remain stylish and new-looking without having to spend a lot of time keeping it that way.

As you can see, composite wood fences are a great choice. You will have no problem finding a product that looks great around your home.

Reach out to a local contractor, like Holman Fence LLC, for more information on finding fencing options for your needs.