Installing A New Vinyl Fence? Consider These Two Tips

One way that you can increase your home's security is by installing a new fence around the property, but you will have several different materials to choose from. You may want to go with vinyl because of the low maintenance it requires and its durability, but keep these two things in mind before purchasing and installing it.

Use Recycled Vinyl To Be Eco Friendly

If you are concerned with the potential environmental impact of using vinyl for fencing material, recycled vinyl is a viable option. You can feel guilt free about using resources from the earth to construct your fence, and use recycled materials instead.

Some homeowners believe that using recycled vinyl isn't a practical option, because they believe you lose out on the durability you get by using new material. That is simply not true, because recycled vinyl is just as strong.  It takes existing vinyl material, melts it down, and uses a cast to create new components. Your boards and fence posts made with recycled material will be just as strong as if you bought new vinyl fencing.

Install Bricks Along A Vinyl Fence To Protect The Material

A regular part of homeownership is performing regular yard maintenance, which includes mowing your lawn. This task may be more difficult to do with vinyl fencing because you are afraid of causing damage to your fencing material. This can be from debris that hits the fence, or making contact with it using a mower or weed eater.

If this problem is a concern, you can avoid it by installing bricks next to the fence along the ground. Just a single row will do, because it will become a barrier that protects the part of the vinyl that will see the most wear and tear over the years from yard work. To add to the bricks' overall appearance, you can dig out a small trench along the inner perimeter of the fence to slightly bury the bricks. Grass will eventually grow in front of the bricks, making the brick difficult to notice while still adding protection.

If you are looking for a fence that looks great and needs little maintenance over the years, vinyl will be a great option for you. Need help performing the installation? Reach out to a local fencing contractor in your area, such as Family Fence Company. They can give you a price quote for how much it will cost, and do all of the work for you. This includes pulling permits and getting a land survey as well.