Release The Hounds! How Electric Gates Contain and Release Your Guard Dogs

If you keep some dogs outside for the main purpose of guarding your property, you may also need to keep them contained in some fashion that allows you to release them when needed. There are a couple of ways you can do this. Electric gates play into all of the following ways to contain and release your guard dogs, and here is how it works.

Gated Pens

Fence contractors can construct one large pen or individual pens for all of the dogs you keep on your property. One electric gate can slide open to release all of the dogs from the larger pen or several smaller electric gates can open simultaneously or one at a time. The fencing contractor may be able to install a system that would also allow you to remotely open one, a few or all gates, saving you time and energy and hopefully catching intruders and trespassers on your property even before you make it out the front or back door.

Gated Walkway Inside a Double Fence

Often reserved more for the prison environment, a fencing contractor could, in effect, construct a double fence wall with a wide or narrow walkway in between the two fence walls. The electric gates can be installed at any point along the inside and/or outside walls of the fence. Your dogs roam freely between the fence walls, adding an extra layer of protection for any would-be prowlers who might try to vault the first fence.

You could open an inside gate for anyone that manages to get past this triple threat of double fences and dogs in order for the dogs to attack the intruder. You may also want to install a second electric gate which could either provide you with access to your property but stop the dogs from escaping, or a second or third gate that could release the dogs to the exterior boundaries of your property. There are more than a few installation models involving a double fence and guard dogs, all of which your fencing contractor could show you before you make a final decision.

Keeping the Dogs Entirely Within the Inner Sanctum

One last option of keeping your guard dogs close is to contain them within the inner sanctum of your yard and property with a single fence and construct a caged entryway that has an electric gate on both ends of the entryway. You press a button, enter a code or use a remote to open the first electric gate, step inside the fenced-in box, then close the first gate before opening the second. This allows you the ability to feed your dogs without any of them getting loose and allows the dogs to run the entire expanse of your property freely while protecting your property from intruders.

If you have any concerns regarding electric fences, consider contacting a local fencing company, such as F & W Fence Company, Inc.