Three Ideas To Customize Your Privacy Fence

Privacy can give you outdoor space to enjoy without the worry of nosey neighbors and people passing by your home. This can be done with the addition of things like green privacy screens and features for a custom fence. If you are ready to give your home additional privacy, here are some ways to do it with a custom design for a new fence:

1. Trim A Conventional Picket Fence With Woodwork Details

There are many ways that you can add custom details to your privacy fence. You may want to consider adding your own woodwork details to the fence to give it the look you want. This can be done with many different materials, such as hardwood trim and brackets. If you use materials that are not treated, coat them with a wood sealant before you install them on the fence. This will give the materials better protection from the elements. Try to avoid softwoods like pines, which are less resistant to rot and decay. Hardwoods, like maple or oak, and materials like cedar are a good choice for these projects.

2. Use A Vertical Garden To Bring A Conventional Fence To Life

Another way to give you fence a little more detail is by adding a vertical garden to the design. This is a great way to bring your fence to life and give your fence a little bit of green. This can be done by building containers into the fence design to plant in. You can also use containers that attach to the fence if you want to be able to change the look later. Plastic containers are a great choice, which are affordable and can just be screwed to the fence. You may also want to consider building them with fencing materials if you want them to match your fence.

3. Integrate Unconventional Materials Into Your Custom Fence Design

Integrating unconventional materials into your fence design can also give it a custom look. This can be done by adding glass or clear plastic to cut out sections of your fence. If you want it to be environmentally-friendly, you may want to consider using recycled materials. Reclaimed metal roofing can be a great choice to add to sections of your fence and give it a more rustic look.

These are some of the custom features you can add to your new fence to give your home more privacy. If you are ready to have more privacy and a new fence, contact wholesale fence supply service, like Bracci Fence Inc, to get all the materials you need for your project.