Jazzing Up Your Chain Link Fence

Adding a fence to your yard can increase your privacy, keep out unwanted "neighborly" intrusions, and establish your property line. A chain link fence is a durable choice, but you may yearn for something more visually appealing. Fortunately, you can now have both. You can use several methods to jazz up your new chain link fence that won't cost you much money and that will enhance the look of your home. 

Fence Slats

The development of fence slats has made it easy to dress up your chain link fence. These slats are made of wood, polyethylene, or aluminum and can be inserted into chain link to add color and privacy. You can even create fascinating patterns by alternating colors and styles. You can definitely manage this project on your own and make your fence a design advantage instead of something rather boring. You can get top, bottom, or locking slat models to keep them secure even during inclement weather. 


You can easily add a pop of color to your home by painting your chain link fence. You will need to scrub the fence with soap and water and use a wire brush to get rid of any rust. If there is rust, you will need to use a primer before you paint. If you want your fence to blend in, choose a neutral color. However, if you are feeling daring, go ahead and try something brighter. You can always inexpensively repaint if you grow tired of your blue fence. Talk with a professional, like Global Fence, Inc., to see which paint brands would be best for your fence.


One simple way to improve the look of your fence is to plant shrubs and/or flowers near it. In the warm months, your fence becomes a trellis for climbing plants such as clematis. The vines can spread out all along the fence and provide colorful cover with their beautiful flowers and dark leaves. You may choose a non-flowering vine such as English Ivy as well. Experts also recommend planting fruit trees near the fence to provide privacy while producing a delicious harvest. 

The chain link fence is known for its practicality and affordability. However, you may not think of it as an attractive addition to your home. Fortunately, you can take various steps to improve its looks and enhance the appearance of your yard. Simply adding slats, painting it, or adding landscaping can elevate your chain link fence from being utilitarian to being a visual asset.