Accessories To Make Your Vinyl Fence More Decorative

Vinyl fencing is a smart choice because it is durable and it's nearly maintenance-free, unlike wooden fences that require periodic refinishing. If you are worried about a vinyl fence looking bland or dull, the following ideas can help you dress up your fence so it will complement your home's exterior and landscaping.

Creative Post Caps

You don't have to go with the standard flat or pyramid post caps that are made to blend into your fence. One simple and inexpensive option to add some visual interest is to switch out matching caps for ones in a complementary but contrasting color to the fence. For something a bit fancier, consider getting copper or tin covered caps. Another option is also useful. Post caps with built in lights, whether in a basic style or made to resemble a lantern, are powered by discreet solar panels and will shed some light on your yard.

Add Some Natural Beauty

Plants are one way you can dress up both your fence and your yard. Unlike wood fences, vinyl isn't made for screws or bolts for plant hanger hardware. Instead, get specific hangers that are made for vinyl fences. These consist of hooks that slip around posts or fit to the top of the fence. They are made to match the fence. From these protrude decorative wrought iron hanging hooks. Drape wind chimes, lanterns, and of course, baskets filled with hanging plants from these special hooks.

Increase Height and Beauty With a Decorative Topper

You don't need to settle for a plain flat fence top. Decorative vinyl toppers can be added that match your fence but add more visual interest. You can go with standard lattice work or choose a pretty scrollwork design. Another option is pickets, either uniform in height or in swoops that are higher near the post and lower in the center. You can also select cut-out panels, which have decorative shapes cut out to create a peek-a-boo window in the fence.

Provide a Pet-Friendly bubble

If you have pets, perhaps adding a few windows to the fence will make them happier. Pet windows resemble bubbles of clear plexiglass and they come in a variety of sizes. For a whimsical look, place a few low on the fence for your dog to peek through and some higher for people to peer out of. You can even arrange them in a creative design that goes down the length of the fence. Contact a business, such as Mills Fence, for more information.