Repurpose Old Plywood Fencing With Creative DIY Projects In Your Yard

If you've recently had fencing installed to replace a worn-down or damaged fence, it's likely that you're looking for new ways to repurpose the plywood rather than throwing it all out or donating it. If the wood is still in good enough condition to use—as in not rotted—it's a good idea to check out what kinds of projects can be tackled that will improve the way your backyard looks. With the following ideas for DIY projects, you can make an enormous difference in both the functionality of your yard and its appearance with the inclusion of your old fencing.

Trim Down Fencing for a Small Border Around a Garden

For those people who have a garden in their backyard, it's a smart idea to have fencing included in your landscaping in the form of a small fenced-in border around the plants. While your fencing will be too tall to use in this form, you can get it trimmed down to a shorter length that allows you to build a short fence around the plants. This will help separate the garden and allow you to even add some protection to your plants from wildlife.

Add Privacy to a Seating Area with Fencing in a L-Shape

Private seating areas can look great and provide a nice place to gather with friends. To add a small amount of fencing for added privacy, consider building a fence in a L-shape around part of the patio or seating area. With some fencing put in, you can even enjoy some protection from the sun and wind, allowing you to enjoy your seating area for a longer part of the year.

To spruce up the old fencing before installing it around your seating area, consider adding a fresh coat of paint or drilling some plant holders into the fence planks.

Cut Down Fencing Planks to Create Outdoor Seating

Another good way to reuse old fencing is cutting it down and reusing it in a whole other form. A good way to do this is by creating outdoor seating. Building a simple bench with old planks of wood from fencing can be a great idea, especially if you follow up with adding soft cushions to seat of the new bench or chairs.

Repurposing old fencing can allow you to enjoy your old fencing, helping to save money and even adding new functionality to the fencing that you no longer need. Before throwing out any fencing, consider the above ideas and how they can improve your backyard, or talk with a professional, such as those at Security Fence.