How To Remove Or Replace PVC Fencing

It is rare that a property owner would want to remove or replace PVC fencing since this type of fencing is extremely durable and long-lasting. However, if you find that the PVC fencing that came with your property is not to your liking, or that some unknown force has managed to damage your vinyl fencing, you can remove or replace it. Here are the right and wrong ways to remove this type of fencing.

Sledgehammers Are Not Going to Do It

This type of fencing was both chemically and structurally designed to withstand hurricane-like winds. Its resiliency in the midst of powerful storms across the nation is a testament to the strength of this fencing product. Ergo, do not think you can take down the fence with just a sledgehammer. At best, you may be able to crack it a little. At worst, you will frustrate yourself and end up with a ton of blisters swinging the sledgehammer and getting nowhere fast.

Start at a Corner

The easiest place to start when removing any sort of fence is at the corner of your property where the fence creates a ninety-degree angle. If your unwanted fence was installed in such a way that it can be slid up and off thick square posts, removing the fence might be a tad easier than you think. You just need some help (or a contractor's crew) to lift the vinyl posts up off of the wooden posts inside.

The wooden posts are what give the hollow vinyl structure their upright sturdiness and proper tension for the rest of the fence. As you lift the vinyl posts off of the wooden ones, the panels of fencing follow. Look for screws along the way, as the screws are often used to secure succeeding panels to the posts. You may also cut and excavate as you go.

Cut and Excavate

A powerful saw could cut the PVC fencing panels close to the ground or help divvy them up for easier removal. Given that the posts are cemented into the ground, it is also a good idea just to excavate the fencing panels and posts. If you want to remove the PVC vinyl fence entirely, excavation is your best bet. Your fencing contractor may have a few other approaches for removing the fence. It helps to discuss with your fencing contractor what you plan to do next as far as new fence installation is concerned.

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