Why Wood Is An Excellent Choice For Fencing Material

Are you planning for a fence installation at your home, but still undecided about which material to use? You may be tempted for alternative materials like vinyl, but keep coming back to the idea of using wood. Wood is an excellent choice for any home due to the following reasons. 

Wood Blends In With The Neighborhood

A fence is meant to provide security and privacy to your yard, and not necessarily stand out in a bad way. You may notice that a lot of your neighbors use wood fencing, which has led you to want to do the same thing. Selecting wood is definitely going to help the fence blend in with the neighborhood. Wood may look new at first, but it will eventually take on the weathered look and feel like a natural part of a yard. 

Wood Is Durable

While other fencing material may claim to be indestructible, know that wood can take on harsh weather conditions as well. It will stand up to wind and rain, especially if you purchase cedar wood that has been pressure treated. It will be able to prevent pests from getting inside the wood, and resist the water that falls on the surface. Coat the fence with stain periodically and you'll have even more protection from the weather. Just see how the water reacts to the wood, and if the water absorbs into it rather than bead up, you need to apply a stain 

Wood Is Customizable

One of the problems with materials like vinyl is that they are not customizable. They come in pre-made panels, so you are set with the sections made by the manufacturer. Wood provides a lot of customization with designing your fence. It allows you to create gates that are in the exact place that you want them, with them being the necessary size to fit everything through it. Want the fence to change elevations at certain parts? That is very easy to do with wood.

Wood Is Secure

A wood fence is going to provide a lot of security to your yard. The material is difficult to climb to keep people out and will do the same at keeping children and pets contained. It will serve its purpose quite well, rather than a cheaper chain link fence that is easy to climb.

Reach out to a local fencing contractor like Rainier Fencing & Decking for more information about using wood fencing material.