Why Homeowners Are Selecting Cedar Fencing For Their Yard

Are you having a hard time narrowing down what kind of fencing material you want to use to enclose your yard? While there are several ways to build a fence, cedarwood is a very popular way to do it. Here are some reasons why cedarwood fencing is the right way to go.

Cedar Is Accessible

When it comes to fencing material availability, one thing to consider is that cedarwood is plentiful and the fencing material is always going to be easy to purchase. This is because cedar trees grow in a much larger area of the US when compared to pine, which makes treated pine fencing more scarce. Since cedarwood is readily available, it also helps keep the cost down.

Cedar Is Durable 

Cedar fencing will be made with wood that has oils in it that naturally repel insects. This is the same type of oil that is emulated in treated pine to keep insects away, but a man-made solution is never going to be as good as one created by mother nature. This will help cedar fencing last much longer than competing materials since the ability to repel insects is very important for any wood material that is left outdoors. 

Cedar Is All-Natural

When you purchase cedar fencing, you will know exactly what is in the board, which is cedarwood with its natural oils. Treated pine is quite different, with there being ratings for the type of wood you are getting. This can make determining the treatment used on the pine fencing quite confusing and even cause some concerns about how safe those chemicals are around kids and pets. You may like the peace of mind that cedar fencing is all-natural and does not cause any of these concerns to come up.

Cedar Is Visually Pleasing

The natural nature of cedar fencing means that the fence boards are going to have a unique look to them since they are cut directly from the tree itself. Meanwhile, treated pine boards are processed and have a manufactured look to them. That is why many people find the look of cedar fencing visually pleasing since it looks more rustic. 

Cedar Can Be Stained 

The nice thing about cedar is that you can stain the fencing material on the very first day if you want to do it. That is because the all-natural material is ready to accept a stain, while a manufactured product like treated pine is not going to accept the stain as well right away. You'll need to wait about a month to stain pine fencing material.