Is The Classic White Picket Fence All It's Cracked Up To Be?

Many years ago, it was the American dream to have a cute little house with a white picket fence. Technology has changed that image immensely. With all of the new materials available, the older versions have opened the door to challenges. Here are a few of the pros and cons demonstrated by these advances, with comparisons between wood and vinyl picket fences. Wood Fencing You don't have to choose just white for the fencing because you can paint it any color you desire.

Tall, Dark, And...Green? 3 Fencing Trends For 2016 You Don't Wanna Miss

While the snows of winter are still falling all around the country, you should still be paying attention to your yard – and, specifically, to the boundary around your yard. Your fence is about ready to fall apart and you shouldn't wait until your annual yard overhaul in spring to replace it. But how do you know which style will be functional and still mark your home as one decidedly up-to-date with fashion?

Accessories To Make Your Vinyl Fence More Decorative

Vinyl fencing is a smart choice because it is durable and it's nearly maintenance-free, unlike wooden fences that require periodic refinishing. If you are worried about a vinyl fence looking bland or dull, the following ideas can help you dress up your fence so it will complement your home's exterior and landscaping. Creative Post Caps You don't have to go with the standard flat or pyramid post caps that are made to blend into your fence.

Jazzing Up Your Chain Link Fence

Adding a fence to your yard can increase your privacy, keep out unwanted "neighborly" intrusions, and establish your property line. A chain link fence is a durable choice, but you may yearn for something more visually appealing. Fortunately, you can now have both. You can use several methods to jazz up your new chain link fence that won't cost you much money and that will enhance the look of your home.

Three Ideas To Customize Your Privacy Fence

Privacy can give you outdoor space to enjoy without the worry of nosey neighbors and people passing by your home. This can be done with the addition of things like green privacy screens and features for a custom fence. If you are ready to give your home additional privacy, here are some ways to do it with a custom design for a new fence: 1. Trim A Conventional Picket Fence With Woodwork Details