Repurpose Old Plywood Fencing With Creative DIY Projects In Your Yard

If you've recently had fencing installed to replace a worn-down or damaged fence, it's likely that you're looking for new ways to repurpose the plywood rather than throwing it all out or donating it. If the wood is still in good enough condition to use—as in not rotted—it's a good idea to check out what kinds of projects can be tackled that will improve the way your backyard looks. With the following ideas for DIY projects, you can make an enormous difference in both the functionality of your yard and its appearance with the inclusion of your old fencing.

Want To Get Backyard Chickens? Build A Fence To Give Them Free Roam

Being a homeowner gives you plenty of opportunities that are unique to those who own a home, such as owning chickens. One thing you want to do before you think about getting chickens is to make sure you can get them in your area. Finding out if you can with the laws in your city is essential, and you will also gain valuable information such as chicken limitations and required distance from your neighbors.

Understanding The Benefits Of A Cedar Privacy Fence

The addition of a fence can be a great investment for your family's security and privacy as well as your home's value. Considering a privacy fence can offer you a 50 percent return if you ever need to sell the home, it is a smart investment. Of course, finding the best material for your fence can be overwhelming due to the different options available. Fortunately, using cedar wood offers enormous benefits to your home's appeal and value.

Is The Classic White Picket Fence All It's Cracked Up To Be?

Many years ago, it was the American dream to have a cute little house with a white picket fence. Technology has changed that image immensely. With all of the new materials available, the older versions have opened the door to challenges. Here are a few of the pros and cons demonstrated by these advances, with comparisons between wood and vinyl picket fences. Wood Fencing You don't have to choose just white for the fencing because you can paint it any color you desire.

Tall, Dark, And...Green? 3 Fencing Trends For 2016 You Don't Wanna Miss

While the snows of winter are still falling all around the country, you should still be paying attention to your yard – and, specifically, to the boundary around your yard. Your fence is about ready to fall apart and you shouldn't wait until your annual yard overhaul in spring to replace it. But how do you know which style will be functional and still mark your home as one decidedly up-to-date with fashion?